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Growing businesses can benefit from our cost-effective solution by reducing costs and improving managerial decisions. Why pay high overhead cost incurred from other expensive programs, when you can save money with our affordable solution?

Use the software to streamline business activities and gain powerful insight of your business's performance. Prevent loss by making informed decisions with accurate information and powerful reporting tools.

Manage your billiards tables with our software and automatically charge the customers as the time goes on through their games. You also gain capability to make orders from the billiard tables to keep everything under the same bill.

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KreaPos Billiard Profesional

Good for:

With the Billiard Professional software, your business has the capabilities of continued growth with more abundant features in both POS and back office applications.


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KreaPos Billiard Enterprise

Good for:

The Billiards Enterprise version is the complete package for your business. From general accounting to financial statements to a full POS application.







DESCRIPTION Lite Pro Enterprise  


Resolution and 256 color
Video Card with 800 x 600.


Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible


Pentium III or Celeron with 700 MHz


20 GB Hard Drive


Multilingual Multilingual Choose to work with either english or spanish.

Personal Barcodes Personal Barcodes Create and print your own barcode labels to accurately manage your inverntoy.

Documents Documents Create Sales documents such as quotes, invoices, and packing lists.

Manage Vendors Manage Vendors Improving vendor realtions results in productivity.

Statistics Statistics View your sales trens by year or month.

Sales Report Sales Report Find out which is your best selling item, employee, and station.

KeaPOS is a POS Software company. Our main offerings include: POS Kits and Point Of Sale Retail Software with Point Of Sale Restaurant, Beauty Salon, Grocery Store, Billiard & Membership Club Software.


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